What We Do

We advise, design, implement, support and manage solutions across Security systems, Unified communications, Networking technologies, Software development and Cloud services

Our Approach
  • IP Telephony and Hybrid Systems

    Whether your telephony system ranges from few to thousands of users, whether you are using analog, digital or IP systems, we offer tailored Unified Communication and Collaboration solutions – leveraging your existing infrastructure, and enabling you to transition progressively or swiftly to benefit from the IP revolution and mobility

  • Contact Center

    To enable you superior customer experience, we offer best in class, automated customer service solutions, fully integrated across all channels (voice, web, email, chat, social media, etc.), allowing you to cater your services for each customer, based on his own pace and preference

  • Video-conferencing

    Whether you are on the go using mobile and tablets, or at the office using Telepresence in your meeting room or board room, we help you overcome lengthy commuting time or expensive travel costs, by enabling you to meet live, share documents and presentations, for timely decision making

  • Recording

    Voice and screen recording solutions are today part of the basics for fulfilling customer satisfaction goals. We offer comprehensive recording solutions to help you keep track of conversations, for quality control, or even to support you in litigation issues

  • Switching and Routing

    Whether you are looking to have office connectivity, or link multiple office branches, locally or regionally, we can help shape your converged network infrastructure with high availability and performance over the LAN, WAN and Internet

  • Wireless LAN

    Liberate yourself from the physical constraints of fixed endpoints and benefit from the power of mobility, by letting us set your wireless coverage for your offices, buildings, or campuses, aiding you in establishing high-speed, secure, and reliable wireless networks for indoor and outdoor applications

  • Network Security

    Network security is the hottest topic in town, after the recent breaches and the ever more sophisticated ransomware and phishing attacks. We help you design an end-to-end collaborative network defense system to ensure multi-layer protection from your end-point, to your network, going through the internet, to keep your business secure and productive

  • Applications

    Whether to control your network traffic, access rights, or various network applications, we configure and develop software solutions that help you achieve just that, in addition for planning, provisioning, and managing your IT infrastructure from a centralized location

  • Structured Cabling

    We have been in the business of cabling for decades. Whether you need to deploy fiber or copper network infrastructure for your enterprise, building, connect areas across large scale campuses, or even sort out the wiring and labeling in your cabinets and data-rooms, we will do that for you

  • CCTV

    We convey a full range of end-to-end video surveillance solution, from servers to cameras, to analytics and comprehensive control rooms, utilizing the latest technologies of our leading multi-vendors.

    Our unparalleled track record for both private and public sectors, across industries, has seen us successfully deliver and maintain through the years, customized surveillance solutions compliant to every facility’s standards and norms

  • Access

    Our access control systems provide intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces with scalable security solutions which are designed with tomorrow’s growth in mind.

    Whether you need to add additional buildings, doors or parking management, our trusted and powerful security solutions enable you to manage an unlimited number of devices on the go, ready to be fully integrated with the rest of the low current product range

  • Fire

    Fire alarm detection systems are the critical element of every facility design, and we pride ourselves of being a complete fire alarm system supplier, meeting the requirements of ever evolving standards to efficiently and proactively protect lives.

    Through our robust range of fire detection systems including panels, detectors, modules and voice evacuation, we monitor the operational integrity and provide for automatic control of equipment necessary to prepare the facility for fire incidents

  • Intrusion

    Our intrusion product range incorporates intelligent detectors with false alarm immunity, easy-to-use keypads, superior software functionality with remote monitoring, and control panels with more power and communications capabilities.

    We have excelled in providing intrusion solutions that complete our security systems portfolio and address the challenges you face every day

  • BMS

    Faced with growing challenges and greater bottom line responsibilities, enterprises demand a comprehensive building solution that breaks through traditional information silos to:

    • ensure comfortable, productive environments
    • update aging facilities and simplify day-to-day operations
    • optimize energy consumption
    • provide anytime, anywhere access to building information

    Our scalable, open and secure, BMS solution does just that, providing foundation with proven software, incorporating operation ease of use and simplification features, as well as hardware innovation

  • Central Battery

    With life safety being the top priotiy, central battery systems have become the utmost element of every electrical design. Our central battery system is the perfect combination of ecological responsibility with high cost-efficiency.

    It’s never too late to transform your existing old platforms to the forward thinking central battery solutions – Reach out to us and we will take care of the transformation with minimum investment by preserving your infrastructure and building on your existing solutions

  • X-Ray Machines and Walk-through

    Protecting your facility from rising levels of threats has become a necessity whether you are targeting residential, commercial buildings or high security facilities like airports and governmental institutions.

    With the proper implementation of X-ray screening systems a lot can be prevented by discovering and disarming the threats at the entry level. We can inspect and advise the relevant equipment, providing quality metal detectors, airport security machines, x-ray equipment, and explosive trace detection equipment from top certified brands. It is always optimum to pro-act than react

  • CMS (Call Management System)

    Our proprietary CMS is a market leading system for call accounting, logging, monitoring and reporting. It has a demonstrable scalability for thousands of extensions, from single-site companies to multi-site corporations. It provides companies with detailed insight into their voice systems, enabling them to:

    • Optimize costs: Analyze telephone costs in real time and respond to cost triggers and trends
    • Allocate costs: Assign costs to departments and employees for chargeback, and schedule cost reports to Finance and Human Resources teams
    • Bill services: Allocate costs to account codes and produce billing reports for client phone usage.
    • Monitor staff: Report on employees calling activities and patterns
  • TMS (Ticket Management System)

    Our fully customizable and proprietary TMS, is one of the broadest, deepest, and most costeffective ways to build the service management capabilities that your organization needs.

    TMS enables the Customer Support / Service Desk to improve service levels, balance resources, control costs, and mitigate risk exposure to the organization, through a complete ticket lifecycle management and proactive alerts monitoring – while users and external clients can easily report an incident, create a request, and monitor the status of pending requests

  • QMS (Queuing Management System)

    Our QMS solutions allow you to optimize your customer flows, thus improving customer service and creating a more relaxed atmosphere for both customers and staff. Our solutions also optimize staffing costs and increase revenues, giving your organization added value by maximizing profitability.

    Our supplier QMATIC offers solutions to manage the customer journey from the very first to the last customer touch point, and is available for simple queuing systems to very complex multi-branch ones

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

    Our fully customizable CRM software consolidates customer information and documents it into a single database, so business users can more easily access and manage it.

    The main functions of the CRM are to record various customer interactions (over email, phone calls, social media or other channels, depending on system capabilities), automate various workflow processes such as tasks, alerts, and give managers the ability to track performance and productivity based on information logged within the system.

    Key benefits include better customer service and follow-up, increased marketing effectiveness and enhanced business profitability

  • Digital Signage

    Digital Signage is the technology behind the new generation of advertising networks, from retail signage to corporate communications, campus TV to Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), airport signage to gas pumps, and all other areas where classic printed signage is replaced by flat panel monitors, LED walls or projection systems.

    Our Digital Signage Solution is fully web-based, allowing for on premise or remote management, can support unlimited domain groups and user rights, requires low maintenance costs thanks to an easy interface, and is made in Switzerland, with Swiss precision that guarantees reliability!

  • Cloud Solutions

    Whether through private or public cloud, we offer multiple cloud solutions and can help you migrate efficiently and effectively to benefit from computing as a service. We will work with you to relieve you from further CapEx, and constant updates, and enable you to budget your OpEx properly and scale instantly

  • Cybersecurity

    Our cybersecurity solutions enable us to continuously monitor, track and preempt threats to your network and end users, while remotely keeping you protected with the latest security releases

  • Back-up

    It is key to back-up your data, for security and business continuity. We provide you with state of the art back-up solutions ensuring your data is safely copied and stored in real-time, whether on premise, off-line, over the cloud or all three simultaneously – allowing you to immediately restore operations in case of emergency or failure

  • Remote Monitoring

    In line with our promise to manage your IT services at lower costs, we offer a wide range of tailor-made remote monitoring solutions that allow us to keep your systems in check through monitoring all types of activities

  • Maintenance

    Our professionals will maintain your infrastructure and ensure your business continuity, through remote or on-site intervention, subject to the most competitive SLAs, depending on your business needs and constraints

  • Managed Services

    Complementing our monitoring services, are our management solutions, whereby our IT experts proactively maintain your assets, versus the traditional break and fix model, remotely doing patch management, web protection, prescriptive data analytics, remote access, automated maintenance and other services

Lower your CapEx and manage your OpEx with our Managed services offerings, and relieve yourself from the burden of constantly updating your security and living under threat.

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